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BIOMILK™ Probiotic Skincare Nourish & Protect Day Cream Moisturizer

Our passion: Health! Each of our products contains clinically-proven Probiotics. Probiotics means “for life”. They are friendly bacteria that work with our own cells to keep us healthy inside and out.


The French cosmetic delicatessen

Natural, made in France and paraben free… Blancrème makes delicious French cosmetics with natural ingredients that stimulate the senses and give happiness.


A family history since 150 years

Feret is a French brand proposing authentic products made in France and of high quality. Since 1878, Feret Parfumeur have been offering 100% natural and organic products for face, lips and body care.


Express your own identity and style!

Solinotes was invented with a simple ambition: offering a creative, new and fun vision of perfumery. The eau de parfum have been specifically developed to be worn alone, or mixed together to create a unique perfume. A multitude of scented combinations can be created to adapt to your mood, personality and style.