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Solinotes has been created to break free from the idea that French perfumery is for those who doesn’t want to spend $90 fragrances. Created by South of France perfumers, the Solinotes are based from qualitative ingredients. This offer comes in a colorful range that breaks the monotony and classicism in perfumery in order to offer a brand new experience to consumer.

With its 15 fragrances, especially created to be blended together as you like, Solinotes enables the consumer to create her own and unique perfume. An innovative and audacious concept, turned, for the very first time, towards the consumers !

A unique approach in the Fragrance Category with an impactful and easily recognizable design.

With its disruptive look, Solinotes has a impactful look versus other perfume, GIVING HUGE VISIBILITY to the brand on  shelf !

Nominated Independent Beauty Expo 2017 as best Fragrances.

Website: http://www.solinotes.com/

Fėret Parfumeur, an iconic French brand that has been making its signature products since 1878 from it’s heyday as France’s leading cosmetics distributor.

A range of natural skincare products with honey and essential oils suitable for perfumeries, pharmacies, barbershops, organic and health stores, salons and spas, department stores and gift shops.


Website: http://www.feret-parfumeur.fr/en

It is in the South of France that PANIER DES SENS cosmetics are conceived and developed.

Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, the lines of body care, toiletries and perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products, subtle textures of evocative, delicate scents and very attractive prices.

We combine research and nature to take the best that Provence has to offer.

Nominated Independent Beauty Expo 2017 as best Foot Cream.

Website: https://www.panierdessens.us/

BIOMILK, is passionate about health: a healthy mind, a healthy body, and healthy skin. And healthy skin starts with healthy skin nutrition.

From your morning green smoothie, to that 10K race you’re training for, to that sunblock you slather on the beach. It’s about making you stronger and healthier. Stronger so you can fight back against what life throws at you and healthier so you can be the best version of yourself.

This is why BIOMILK worked hard through years of research to bring you the very best in probiotic skincare: pure, natural, nourishing products for a heathy skin that glows!

Website: https://www.biomilkskincare.com/


The French Cosmetic Delicatessen

Blancrème brings some freshness, novelties, colors, dream, a certain comforting image with our “delicatessen & vintage” packaging. Needless to say, that above all these aspects Blancrème’s products are really high-quality products developed with the best French laboratories ensuring a top quality.

Blancrème was founded in 2008, by the innovated minds of two passionate experts in the cosmetics fields: Dany Martins and Nicolas Guibert keeping in mind that Mother Nature will be their main inspiration. Their formulas and products are relying on the extraordinary resources that our Nature can offer.

Blancrème offers four ranges of skincare products, each of wide variety, exclusively made for our consumers’ delight. The four ranges include: Body Care, Facial Skincare, Body and Face Massage, and Bath&Shower Care. All our products are conceived and made in France, paraben free and with Natural ingredients.

Website: https://www.blancreme.com/marque/

Discover Skincare for children.

A range of skincare including three lotions formulated to meet the specific needs of young epidermis.

With the same guarantee of quality, safety and efficiency. Choose the skincare according to her/his age for a daily ritual of well-being and beauty.

* môme means kid, child, pretty girl, young boy in French.

Website: https://www.momecare.com/english-1/